Secret Dining and Cocktail Experiences

Be Our Chef

The kitchen is open



Our kitchen is your playground, your place to plate the creative ideas that have been stewing in the back of your mind.

Dinner for us, and our guests, is about so much more than just the food – it’s an event. An experience. And that’s why we’re handing the kitchen over to you. Our chefs bring their skills, creativity and personality in equal measure to create unforgettable food experiences for an eager audience.

Have you been craving to create an elaborate 11-course themed dinner? Or perhaps a series of perfectly paired cocktails and canapés? Whatever you’re dreaming up, we’d love to partner with you to make it a reality. You call the shots, it’s as simple as that.

A chef wearing a black apron carefully prepares dozens of jars in preparation for a SecretEATS underground dinner.

Ready to get cooking?

If this sounds like  the makings of a dream dinner to you, we can’t wait to hear what you're cooking. Start by getting in touch and telling us a bit about you and your vision.

From there, we’ll work together to bring the experience to life for our guests:

  • You’ll whip up a menu that’s uniquely you and assemble your kitchen team to make it a reality.

  • If you have a venue partner in mind, we’re all ears. If you’d rather focus on the food, we’ll find the perfect, secret location to spotlight your menu for our guests.

  • As for the guests, we take care of the invites and all the details. Whether your perfect dinner is served for 10 or 100, we'll make it happen.

How about it – let’s talk about dinner.