Secret Dining and Cocktail Experiences

Be Our Host

the guests are arriving



Our guests are as curious about their dinner as they are about its location – it’s an experience after all.

It’s the fusion of an exclusive menu, perfect wines and brilliant conversation, all presented in a location that surpasses every expectation. Where the lights twinkle a little brighter and the air smells a little sweeter. Where you can’t help but walk in and be taken aback – because who knew a place like this existed here?

The floor is yours for the night and we invite you to show it off. You'll partner with our chef for the evening to create an experience that couldn’t be possible without the other. Want to dine by candlelight in the secret vault? Inspire cocktails with the garden that’s freshly in bloom? Whatever makes your place special, we're ready to put it on a pedestal.

Four well-dressed women walk through a vineyard, wine glass in hand, during a SecretEATS afternoon event.

Ready to welcome us in?

If you have the perfect space that you can’t wait to show off, don’t wait to get in touch. We’re eager to hear a little more about the possibilities you’re dreaming up.

How about it – let’s host a dinner.