Secret Dinners for Curious Diners

how it works

Nab your seat at the secreteats table


Join us for a secret dining experience. 

SecretEATS underground dinning experiences are for the hungry and the curious.

We work with top chefs and rising culinary talent, giving them full control of the menu to serve up the dishes they really want to make. We partner with unique and unexpected locations where the views are as delicious as the food. We also keep all these details secret until the moment guests arrive.  

Because we believe a little surprise is a good thing. 


Joining our SecretEATS table is easy.

It only takes a couple clicks and a little trust in us to serve up a night you won’t forget. Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Request an invite. Fill out one little form with a few details and you’ll be added to the SecretEATS list. 

  2. Anticipate your invitation. When a new event is coming to your selected area, you'll receive an email invitation about two weeks before. Since every event is different, ticket prices will vary – but don’t worry, requesting an invite is absolutely free. 

  3. Act quick! Once the invites are sent, you’ll have about 72 hours to purchase tickets for you and up to four guests. Don’t dawdle, ticket sales are first come first served, and dinners sell out quickly.

  4. Now relax. Our SecretEATS team will take care of every detail, so all you need to do is mark your calendar (and pay us a visit on Instagram to say hi).

  5. Watch for the details. We’ll be in touch to share a few little secrets along the way. Then, we'll send an email to you and your guests the morning of the event, with the exact location and any other pertinent details.  

  6. Have fun! Arrive at the secret location (on time, please) and prepare to be delighted with an unforgettable experience. Meet your tablemates, share stories and savour every bite.

 A guest is served wine at a SecretEATS dinner event.

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 A young chef prepares rows of pastries in a kitchen for a SecretEATS dinner.

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 Three chefs and a SecretEATS venue host lean against a wall, smiling and watching guests out of frame.

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