How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party


A good guest list is essential to good party. Ever been to a party with only extroverts or only introverts? For your sake, I hope not. It’s similar to an episode of Black Mirror and your left wondering what kind of sick minded person thought this would be a good idea. That person, will be you so don’t be surprised if they sick the robot dogs on you.

Invite people some friends, coworkers, and maybe even your trainer or hairstylist. A good dinner party introduces new faces, has some familiar ones and brings people together. Got a single friend who would hit it off with your hairdresser? Sit them next to each other and let fate do its thing.

Organization is so important.  Everyone likes to think that a party just happens. An unforgettable dinner party takes tons of behind the scenes work. You ever stick around for the credits after a movie? A dinner party can often look like that when you see all the work that it takes to. Feel free to bring in a friend or two to help you plan. Maybe you have a friend that loves to cook, decorate, or sing; get them involved. It takes a bit of hard work to plan a party but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun! Try apps like To Do or use excel to organize what you need for food, decorations, and the event.

Make the party be easy to follow so guests don’t have to wonder:

Where do i put my coat? Where’s the food/drink ?  What happens now?

Make sure your guests know where things are and what you’ve got planned for the night so people can leave if they need too. Don’t take it personally, people have busy lives. Never make anyone feel bad for leaving, graciously thank them for coming and allow them an easy transition to leave.

Games, games, games make the whole meeting new people thing easier. Instead of having to say

“Hello madam, what kind of work do you do?”

your friend Jerry will say:

“Janet, you’re the best damn charades partner in this room! Let’s smoke these fools!”

You could go for the classic like charades, pictionary, cards against humanity, or mix it up and try more intimate games for smaller groups like caton. Games that don’t require pisces can also be fun such as Mafia. Games make getting to know people more fun.

Food and drinks tend to be the stars of any party, so put some time into the menu or have your friend do so! Work within your budget and try to have fun with what you decide to create. For inspiration, take a peek at Pintrest, NYT Cooking or if you’re trying to class it up, I recommend taking a look inside Death and Co.‘s cocktail bible.

A few quick tips:

  • Batch the cocktail and direct people to it when they walk in

  • Have little snacks next to the cocktail for ease

Everyone loves surprises, unless you’re my boyfriend that one time when I threw him a surprise minion party and he thought none of his friends loved him because they ignored him the whole day.  But if you’re not, a good surprise at the party will liven it up and it’ll be something memorable for everyone. Some surprises I like involve games, music, or party favors!

Get a talented friend to sing a song, have a late night dance party, or give people something to take home. Free stuff is exciting, and when you’re kinda drunk and you get free stuff, well, that’s even better; people will start saying things like “ this is amazing,” “this is the best thing to happen since the industrial revolution!” and the like.